19 December 2017
We regret to inform you about discontinue of service our luxury catamaran Seashelland motor yacht Atlantic from 1of January 2018. This happens because of the reduce working quota policy from Ministry of man power for the Singapore registered charter boats Philippino crew. MOM consider those guys who work hard to satisfy your needs on board  as simple service sector workers,  not marine sector and dramatically cut the quota from 01.01.2018 says hire locals for the crew job. Singaporeans doesnt want to work under the hot sun on this position for this salary, they also doesnt want to stay permanently on board which is "must do" for the experienced full time crew as boats requires permanent attention to maintain good working condition.   Result of such MOM efforts is a discontinue of the our highly popular and affordable $500-$700 yacht charter trips and send able seamans home. Funny thing is this MOM fight against the foreigner crew is useless as affect Singapore registered yachts only, all overseas registry boats crew is out of MOM control. So private boats owners just change the flag easily and keep the crew , our company cannot to do this as charter boats should be registered locally... Cheap charter trips is over , who got benefit ?
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